Brisbane Birth Photographer – The journey of Nate’s Open Heart surgery

The Journey of Nate's Open Heart Surgery

Brisbane's Birth Photographer Angie Petersen captured the birth of baby Nate on the 7th March 2016. A couple of weeks prior to his birth an ultrasound showed some defects to Nate's heart which was unknown to the extent of these issues until he was born. Nate has a very rare condition that the doctors have never seen all in one baby. He had 3 heart defects all together which would normally be in 3 different babies. When Nate was only hours old he was transferred to the Lady Cilento Hospital to undergo a 7hour Open Heart Surgery. It was all touch and go and if he wasnt operate on then and there then he would have passed away so had to be done. At 4.5weeks old he was just about ready to go home from hospital to then find out he was struggling to breath again so needed another open heart surgery. He was booked in for 13th April but the night before they found out he had a bladder infection aswell as a chest infection so surgery was delayed. On Monday 18th April the surgery went ahead for another 7hour Open Heart Surgery on this poor little man. 5 days later I go up to visit him to take these photos for his mum Amelia. Hes doing so well but still on alot of meds to keep him as pain free as possible. He even managed to give me a few smiles which I loved and he melted my heart. My birth clients are always so special to me and will always have a piece of my heart forever. I will be doing up a full blog post in due time on his whole journey from the birth through to coming home.

But for now here is some of his journey to see 🙂

160322 Nate Clarke PICU at 5.5weeks-2097160322 Nate Clarke PICU at 5.5weeks-2098160322 Nate Clarke PICU at 5.5weeks-2104160322 Nate Clarke PICU at 5.5weeks-2105160322 Nate Clarke PICU at 5.5weeks-2107160322 Nate Clarke PICU at 5.5weeks-2110160322 Nate Clarke PICU at 5.5weeks-2113160322 Nate Clarke PICU at 5.5weeks-2114160322 Nate Clarke PICU at 5.5weeks-2120160322 Nate Clarke PICU at 5.5weeks-2122160322 Nate Clarke PICU at 5.5weeks-2123160322 Nate Clarke PICU at 5.5weeks-2127160322 Nate Clarke PICU at 5.5weeks-2137160322 Nate Clarke PICU at 5.5weeks-2142160322 Nate Clarke PICU at 5.5weeks-2147160322 Nate Clarke PICU at 5.5weeks-2150160322 Nate Clarke PICU at 5.5weeks-2151160322 Nate Clarke PICU at 5.5weeks-2156160322 Nate Clarke PICU at 5.5weeks-2162160322 Nate Clarke PICU at 5.5weeks-2163160322 Nate Clarke PICU at 5.5weeks-2167160322 Nate Clarke PICU at 5.5weeks-2168160322 Nate Clarke PICU at 5.5weeks-2170160322 Nate Clarke PICU at 5.5weeks-2172160322 Nate Clarke PICU at 5.5weeks-2178160322 Nate Clarke PICU at 5.5weeks-2180

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  • Taila - I have been following Nates journey and I am so glad to hear everything is looking up. Such a strong little man! Sending all my love and wishes to Nate and his family. ??ReplyCancel

  • Sally - Beautiful images of a darling little boy. What strength and determination in those eyes. Our thoughts are with this sweet family.ReplyCancel

  • Dena Madden - Great pics Angie it helps us all keep up to date with little Nate what a journey it has been. From the pregnancy time line to now.ReplyCancel