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Birth Photography

Birth Photography has to be one of the most wonderful moments to happen in life so worth capturing. The moment when a new life is born!


There are many different thoughts that are associated with Birth Photography and what exactly it is that a birth photographer will capture.

As a birth photographer my aim is to not invade your personal space or make you feel uncomfortable with having me there. My role as a birth photographer is to capture all the many moments as they happen, at home, in a birthing center, in hospital. Birth Photography is all about capturing the journey of your labour through to welcoming your child into the world for the first time. It is the first touch, the first breath, the first cry…. moments you wont want to forget.

As a mother myself I understand that the mother's primary focus is not on all the different aspects surrounding you to form your birth experience – your mind is focused solely on one thing only; giving birth to your new baby! Having a Birth Photographer there to document this special time allows you and your partner to relive the experience of your childs birth through these treasured photographs, and often you will have a totally different perspective on what happened that day. Birth Photography allows dad to be completely present in supporting you through your journey, not to be trying to get photos of your new baby with trembling hands. It allows him to be part of the story, to share the excitement, while its captured by a professional photographer who specialises in this genre ensuring you have the memories to hold on to for many years to come. 

To put it simple for you, Birth Photography is about capturing your birthing journey tastefully and eternally preserving the emotions that you and your partner experienced on the day of your new bundles arrival.

To have a professional photographer at the birth of your newborn child is an AMAZING experience to be able to capture all the moments that happen as they do in such a breathtaking way. These memories will be such faded memories without all of this captured. I would love you to watch the following video slideshow of the experience of Birth Photography. It is a once in a lifetime event that will be PRICELESS in your eyes full of memories to treasure forever!


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